Smart labour management solutions


Smart labour management

In today’s world, there is a growing concern about the sustainable development of the agricultural sector. The United Nations carried out the Sustainable Development Goals in 2015, which deeply relates to this subject. To ensure that people can fulfil their potential in dignity, equality and a healthy environment. To ensure that agricultural production is done in an ethical working environment where fair employment and scientific management are guaranteed at the same time.

However, in the global agricultural sector, we are not really on track to archive the SDG target by 2030 (FOA 2021). There are still many challenges in the agricultural sector that slow down the transformation Agri-food system. It then requires further input from the Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) sector to provide the accelerations. The Agri-food system is expected to become more efficient, inclusive, resilient and sustainable. With the STI empowerment, the Agri-food system will provide better production, nutrition, environment and better life that leaves no one behind. The compliances have become real day by day for the commercial farmers, especially those focusing on the international market.

Smart labour management solutions

NCEDISA, a client of Baobabtrees in South Africa, is committed to bringing the 4IR influence to the cultivation sector of South Africa by creating and introducing a smart labour system. This system is embedded in the rich operational experience of NCEDISA on the labour management for many leading commercial farms in South Africa. The introduction of the system will ensure the commercial farms fulfil the labour audit requirements, generate GRI reports, and ensure ethical trade and production traceability.

Smart labour

Baobabtrees commercial expert was involved in the project’s development process to make intellectual contributions. With the insights fully gained on the essentials of the project, the Baobabtrees service team was deployed to assist the client with the development of the hardware appliances that form a critical part of the final offering to the market.

At Baobabtrees, we manage the following aspects to meet the needs of this client:

  • Sourcing the hardware manufacturer with strong research and development capacity
  • Tailor-make hardware solutions that fit the project financial forecast.
  • Comprehensive liaison with the client and the manufacturer to ensure all features and functions are included
  • Identify potential improvements gathered from extensive product comparisons and make suggestions accordingly.
  • Overseeing the debugging and commissioning of the equipment
  • Conduct negotiation on prototype development and MOQ in favour of our client
  • On-site quality supervision during the productions
  • Conduct homologations with CE and NRCS in both China and South Africa
  • Packing and delivery

Smart labour management - Baobabtrees

We are very proud of being entrusted with such a meaningful project by our clients. With the service of Baobabtrees, we believe a sound difference can be made to the overall outcome of NCEDISA’s final offering.

If you also have needs for IT development, both in hardware and software, Baobabtrees can help.

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