Pig Abattoir Solution


Pig Abattoir Solution

The pig farming industry has been booming across the continent of Africa. The rapid consumption growth of pork products in Africa provides an increasingly demanding market. In countries like Zambia and South Africa, pig has overtaken lamb/mutton as the favourite meat following the rise in pig production of more than 60%.

However, specialised pig abattoirs are quite limited in many African countries. The traditional abattoirs were predominantly designed to process beef, lamb, and mutton. There are also dedicated poultry abattoirs for broilers. Using the conventional slaughter line to process pigs does not yield an ideal efficiency in production and energy saving.

Pig Abattoir

Baobabtrees had the privilege to participate in the new tide of African pig abattoir development. One of the key projects is to provide an equipment turn-key solution for Selhurst, which is now the largest specialised pig abattoir in all SADC countries. This fully automated abattoir is designed to slaughter 155 000 pigs per annum and produce more than 11 million kilograms of meat for domestic and export markets.

Pig Abattoir Solution - Baobabtrees

The Covid-19 Pandemic pressed great challenges to the entire project. Together with our client, we managed to overcome many seemingly impossible straits, e.g. international travel bans, handicapped supply chain, rocket-high international logistic costs and insufficient shipping capacities. All equipment was tailored to the plan and delivered on time for installation. We formed a senior work team, including Baobabtrees procurement head, senior liaison officer and principal engineers of the equipment supplier, to provide solid support throughout the installation and commissioning of the slaughter line.

Pig Abattoir Factory

Baobabtrees was proud to provide the following services to our client on this case:

  • Overall floor plan for the abattoir
  • Suggested production process management planning
  • Effective customer needs analysis and liaisons
  • Tailor-made equipment modules per the planning
  • Quality assurance throughout the manufacturing process
  • Provide the most favourable shipping rate in the market and guaranteed shipping capacity for all equipment
  • Efficient customer liaisons on installation & commissioning

pig abattoir equipment on sale

Through this and other similar projects, Baobabtrees has gained valuable insights into the needs of the African pork industry, as well as solid experiences in providing cost-effective plant turn-key solutions. We look forward to working with more clients with the needs of abattoir equipment. With the open-book costing and professional services, Baobabtrees is committed to delivering excellence.

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