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Since its invention, the corrugated carton has always been an affordable, versatile packing solution for many industries. It guarantees great performance with extremely lightweight. The structure offers shock absorption properties. Delivering in flatform, it also saves a great deal of storage space. The corrugated cartons are completely recyclable and easy to dispose of; it also echoes back to the call of eco-friendliness of the morden society.

Baobabtrees have taken notice of the rapid growth of the market demands for corrugated cartons, especially with the booming of E-commerce in Africa. We have procured a few corrugated manufacturing lines (with double-colour printing capacity) for packaging companies in Nigeria, Angola and South Africa.

By establishing a strategic partnership with the industrial leaders of corrugated carton equipment manufacturers from China, we always strive to better the initial planning for our potential clients. Our service to Total Packing and Prints is a typical case, a printing company based in Lagos, Nigeria.

The client’s original plan was a semi-automated production line for double wall boxes. It fits the budget but does not provide a good potential for further expansion. It also does not allow the client to archive the knowledge and skill transfer through training the workers. The semi-automated production line restrains the internal talent development of the company and increases the uncertainties in production quality management.

With a comprehensive understanding of the client’s needs for the production at present and expansions in future, we managed to negotiate a highly favourable deal with the manufacturer for the client. The client ended up with a fully automated production line solution that increased the total production capacity to almost three times the original plan. The new solution gained the client’s new competitive edge in the local market. With the new production line, the client can diversify various product solutions rather than just double-wall boxes. They can now produce reinforced boxes with seven layers (with three layers of Flutes) and apply the triple-wall system to the products.

Through this collaborative consortium with the leading manufacturers, we can provide our clients with:

  • Design and develop comprehensive plant planning
  • Procuring the most suitable equipment
  • Customized machinery production, whereas is needed
  • Provide technical solutions
  • Safe transportation of equipment for global delivery
  • Production line installation and commissioning
  • Aftersales service

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