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The poultry industry is one of the most advanced in the world with some of the most advanced machinery and automated processes. The Poultry sector in South Africa is the largest agricultural sector and the fastest growing. This sector accounts for over 20% of all agricultural production in the country.

Broiler poultry meat has the highest per capital consumption than all other meat products. Chickens however are a numbers game meaning the more that you have the more profit you will make. The more chickens that you have translates into cheaper overhead costs. For example Rainbow chickens, one of the biggest chicken producers, has the power to negotiate the cost of their chicken feed and vaccines. That is why there is so much importance and emphasis that is placed on the automation of the industry that can result in upgrading the production scale of the farm.

However, the poultry industry in South Africa has always been a game reserved for the bigger players. The small to medium size poultry farmers have faced great challenges in terms of modernizing their operations and creating efficiency to their overall performance.

Nu-3 Foods, one of Baobabtrees clients, is a chicken farm in Gauteng. The directors of Nu-3 Foods, Vano and Jacklynne both understand the urgency of automating farm production and transforming for small and medium sized chicken farmers in order to take them to the next level. Since started their operations they have built a process where they can achieve vertical integration.

Baobabtrees believe in the strategic vision of Nu-3 Foods and we are determined to contribute our resources and competences in assisting the farm expansion and upgrade. We believe that it is the best way to harness their competitiveness and core of the business. By serving Nu-3 Foods, Baobabtrees is committed to not only customizing the equipment sourcing plan for the farm, but also construct a support system with high level of service exclusivity. We believe each business deserves a unique solution, and every solution is worthy of being protected carefully for the sustainability of our clients.

As other emerging farmers in South Africa, Nu-3 was born with a dream to embrace an exciting era of inclusion and empowerment. Are there barriers in the industry that challenge the growth of businesses?  Yes, however Baobabtrees is grateful that we have been entrusted with such a great opportunity to assist in breaking down these obstacles. Cost-effectiveness with quality excellence in service is our guarantee to our customers. With the correct support, we believe  that NU-3 Foods will thrive and bloom. The future is looking good.



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